Sheet Music for “Bells of Hawaii” and “Paradise of Love”

In addition to staging live radio broadcasts with the Oahu Serenaders, the Oahu Publishing Company printed sheet music featuring melodies arranged for Hawaiian guitar. Oahu used images of the Serenaders to sell their sheet music. This marketing strategy can be seen on the front cover of the “Bells of Hawaii” (1932). 

Eddie Alkire, who had performed with the Serenaders for three years, also taught music lessons for the “Honolulu Conservatory of Music” and composed arrangements for the Oahu Publishing Company.  The company frequently used his innovative arrangements that used non-standard guitar tunings illustrated in his “Paradise of Love” (1931). This score uses tablature notation, a visual representation of finger placement on the neck of the guitar rather than a traditional five-line music staff.  Alkire earned a flat rate of $1.00 for each new arrangement and was never allowed to collect royalties for his new works.  Due to these meager payments, Alkire left Oahu to form his own publishing house in 1934. 

Eddie Alkire's contract with the Oahu Publishing Company.
Alkire’s contract with the Oahu Publishing Company, 1930.